sewage suction truck

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sewage tanker truck

vacuum sewage tank truck named Vacuum Sucking Truck, Sewer Treatment Truck, Septic Tank vacuum Truck, Sludge Cleaning Truck,cesspit emptier truck,cesspit tanker truck ,jetting clean suction truck , jetting clean vacuum truck, high pressure clean vacuum truck, washing sewer vacuum truck ,vacuum jetting suck tanker truck is a new type of sanitation vehicle that collects, transfers, cleans and transports sludge and sewage, and avoids secondary pollution. Liquid substances such as crude oil. The sewage vacuum tanker truck adopts the domestic technology-leading vacuum pump of the WC toilet sucked truck, cesspit suction truck has a large suction force and a long suction distance. toilet suction truck is especially suitable for the suction, shipment and discharge of the sludge in the sewers, especially the sewage sludge, silt, stones and bricks. larger objects such as blocks.


We produce following different sewer cleaner vacuum vehicle


The important is we can customized the cesspit emptier truck according your request directly , such as you have logo painting request, different shape design request ,all can contact us any time .

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