road sweeping truck

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Road sweeper truck

street sweeper truck named (dry and wet washing road clean truck (1)pure sweeping vehicle (2)  vacuum street Suction sweeper(3)wet washing suction cleaner (multifunctional full suction street cleaner ) (4)dry cleaner sweeping (vacuum truck)  (5)full suction type ) Sweeping lorry, as one of the sanitation equipment, is a new type of high-efficiency cleaning equipment that integrates road cleaning, garbage recovery and transportation.

We produce following different chassis brand vehicle


Optional function

1: washing self truck pressure reel hose

2:sprinkler like water tank

4:add front brushes before the cabin

5:front pressure sprayer

The important is we can customized the sweeping vehicle according your request directly , such as you have logo painting request, different shape design request ,all can contact us any time .

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road sweeper