ISUZU GIGA 6×4 Water Truck 20,000L

ISUZU GIGA water tank truck shows on
ISUZU GIGA 6×4 Water Truck 20,000L

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ISUZU GIGA water tank truck shows on
6×4 ISUZU GIGA water sprinkler truck

ISUZU GIGA 6×4 Water Truck 20,000L


  • 181KW turbo charged and inter cooled 4 cycle diesel engine 
  • Exhaust retarder 
  • 9 speed manual transmission fast brand
  • Air conditioned high roof cabin 
  • Air suspension seat 
  • Passenger seat with retractable seat belt 
  • AM/FM radio 
  • East West mirrors and spot mirrors 
  • Spring front and rear suspension 
  • Non asbestos brake linings 
  • Air dryer 
  • Spring applied emergency and parking brake 
  • 12R 22.5 Tyres, Spare Wheel
  • Two way radio 
  • 2 x 9kg Fire extinguishers 
  • Auxiliary lighting 
  • Reverse alarm 
  • Roof mounted amber rotating beacon 
  • Lockable Battery Isolator 
  • Jump start receptacle 
  • WA Road Licensed 
  • This machine is well maintained, in good condition and appearance
GIGA 20000Liters watertanker truck shows on
6×4 water tanker vehicle

Front high pressure sprayer

  • Hydraulic system controlled type
  • 1.5meters length

On top working platform

  • Mounted on the tank
ISUZU GIGA water carrier Product Specifications
TypeWater Truck
ISUZU jetting clean water truck shows on
6×4 GIGA water sprayer tanker

ISUZU  10wheelers water bowser STEEL BAFFLED 20,000L WATER TANK

  • Magnum spray valves on rear plus dribble bar, gravity bar and batter sprays
  • Water pump / hydraulic motor – fitted 
  • Hydraulic tank fitted to front of tank chassis internally epoxy lined. External 2 pack painted – white colour 
  • 4″ Suction fill, top fill, auxiliary hydrant fill piping 
  • Work lighting 
  • Ground level rear ladder access to top of tank 
  • Hydraulic water cannon – Remote operation for driver’s cabin

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