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ISUZU ISUZU refrigerated truck exported to russia

isuzu refrigerator truck exported to russia

ISUZU ISUZU refrigerated truck exported to russia Big ISUZU refrigerated trucks order from Russia Contact information Whatsapp +86-18727992788 Refrigerated Truck Body Specifications Refrigerated truck bodies adopt FRP sheet in two sides and PU foam in the core. The truck bodies equipped with double rear door, lighting system etc.. one side door in front Refrigeration Unit […]

what is a ISUZU compacted garbage trucks ?

ISUZU compacted waste truck shows on

isuzu compacted garbage truck ISUZU Compactor garbage truck is a garbage collection vehicle with compaction function. It can compress the garbage in the garbage container to reduce the volume of garbage and increase the carrying capacity of the garbage container. This kind of garbage truck is mainly used for garbage collection and transportation in urban […]

Chengli Yiwei Automobile New Product Launch Conference and the launch ceremony of the first domestic new energy special vehicle chassis production line were held in Chengli (Zengdu) Industrial Park, Suizhou City, the “Capital of Specialized Automobiles in China”

News from this publication (reported by correspondent Liu Peilin) “Recalling the past years, we can see that this morning has a long way to go.” The early summer is mild and smooth, and the hometown of Emperor Yan is full of vitality. On the morning of May 28, the south gate of Chengli (Zengdu) Automobile […]

15000Liters ISUZU sludge exhauster truck

isuzu ftr cesspool sludge clean tanker shows on

ISUZU sludge exharster truck 15000Liters ISUZU sludge exhauster truck finished by chengli specail automobile co.,ltd The ISUZU sucking tanker volume 15m3 ISUZU sludge Tanker truck material Wuhan steel More ISUZU FTR tanker equipment Oily water separator, air water separator, special vacuum excrement suction pump, pressure volume gauge, pipeline system, the sucking tube, flow valve, vacuum […]

18 ton shacman rear mounted compression garbage truck

shacman compacted waste truck shows

shacman compression garbage truck Shaanxi 6×4 shacman 18 ton rear mounted compression garbage truck collection and processing transfer garbage truck. Compactor garbage truck adopts electromechanical and hydraulic integration technology, mainly through garbage box, filler, dozer, hydraulic system and other devices, with the help of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic joint automatic control system, through the carriage, filler […]