2sets ISUZU vacuum trucks to philippines

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ISUZU vacuum trucks

ISUZU vacuum trucks named jetting sewage suction tanker ,sewer clean jetting vacuum truck, sludge pressure clean sucking vehicle, portable jet slurry vacuum cleaner ,ISUZU cesspit empiter tank truck,etc

Description of the performance of the ISUZU cleaning and suction truck:

The ISUZU anti-suction sewage cleaning truck collects stains, communicates with various evacuation functions, and partially absorbs, liquid, and semi-discharges in the line of sight (for inspection: septic tank sewers, rain wells, wells, and silt in falling wells and 10 mm) under various ditches It can also be used for septic tanks and sewers in residential areas, farms, farms, farms, etc., or for school picking of construction site slurry. Come here, various items in the oil absorption plant and other various jobs.

Main information of the ISUZU pressure jetting clean sewage truck 

ISUZU KV100 cabin 

ISUZU euro 4 130HP engine 

4x2 left hand drive 

5000Liters vacuum tanker 

Carbon steel material 

5mm thickness tank

3815mm wheelbase 

60meters pressure pipe

water cycle pump 

vacuum pump 

8.25-20 tyres 7pcs

ISUZU jetting vacuum truck is a special vehicle that integrates cleaning and sewage suction for facilities such as sewage suction pump, sewage suction tank, sewage suction pipeline, etc. It consists of two tanks, two pumps (high pressure cleaning pump, vacuum sewage suction pump), two sets of piping system, etc.
ISUZU high pressure clean vacuum truck operating 
1. Preparation steps before aspiration:

1. Close the large tank cover, drain valve cover and pressure reducing valve to prevent air leakage.

2. Insert the boom pipette into the liquid surface. 3. Turn the handle of the four-way valve to the pumping position.

4. Start the engine at idle speed.

2. Inhalation operation method of inhalation truck;

1. Before inhaling, prepare for the suction operation, close the rear door of the suction car fuel tank, and observe whether the lubricating oil of the vacuum air pump oil and gas separator is normal.

2. Operation sequence:

3. Depress the clutch pedal, push the power take-off lever to empty the vacuum pump, then slowly release the clutch pedal.

4. Turn on the alarm switch in the ISUZU jetting sewage suction tanker cab.

5. Pull the manual throttle handle to the maximum position and observe the tachometer to 500-600 rpm (adjusted at the factory).

6. Put the switch handle of the four-way valve in the suction position, check whether the gas discharged from the trachea is correct, whether the vacuum pump operates with or without sound, and whether the vacuum gauge is normal.

7. Remove the suction hose from the suction truck and put it into the caisson. In order to keep the vacuum hose in a straight or free bending state, the parking position should be fully considered.

Those 2sets ISUZU vacuum trucks exported to Philippines . They were ordered 2022,August

welcome you come to china and visit our factory for inspecting our ISUZU special truck .

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