big order of the CLW compactor garbage truck

compacted garbage truck
clw compactor garbage truck

Big order of the CLW compacted garbage truck

Main information of the compactor garbage truck

1, the car optional square or arc car; Optional working device,
When the optional working device shape length / front / rear overhang (mm) correspondence is:

No loading device: length 10070/1480/2890, 1500/2870,
Fully sealed bucket device: 10120/1480/2940, 1500/2920,
Swing arm device: 10150/1480/2970, 1500/2950,
Barrel turning device: 10320/1480/3140, 1500/3120;
when the optional device curb weight of 15805kg, load weight of 8765 (2 persons), 8700 (3 persons);
when the optional device curb weight of 15405kg, load weight of 9165 (2 persons), 9100 (3 persons);
Only 4350 + 1350mm wheelbase.

2, side protection using cold-formed steel / Q235, bolted; rear guard replaced by a device.

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