15000Liters ISUZU sludge exhauster truck

isuzu ftr cesspool sludge clean tanker shows on truckspv.com
ISUZU sludge exharster truck

15000Liters ISUZU sludge exhauster truck finished by chengli specail automobile co.,ltd

The ISUZU sucking tanker volume15m3
ISUZU sludge Tanker truck material Wuhan steel
More ISUZU FTR tanker equipmentOily water separator, air water separator, special vacuum excrement suction pump, pressure volume gauge, pipeline system, the sucking tube, flow valve, vacuum tank, a communicating device (as the dung window), automatic anti-overflow valve these parts
Electric system24v
Equipment1.Equipped with hermetic dustbin,hydraulic systerm and operatiing system2.Automatic compress and uninstall,sewage can be collected by the dump tank.3.Pressure is large,leakproofness is good,operation is convenient and security is demendable

Where there is a toilet, where there is mud, where there is waste, there is an sewage septic suction truck.
An this kind ISUZU vacuum tanker truck can give you a clean world!

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