7units dongfeng fire trucks

dongfeng fire engine shows on truckspv.com
dongfeng water fire trucks

dongfeng fire trucks names water tank fire pumper truck, fire engine / agent/equipment,water tanker fire fighter,foam fire tanker

They are customized 7units chassis fire tanker

4×2 chassis

left hand drive

5000Liters water fire truck
7sets dongfeng fire truck,
fire fighting vehicle shows on truckspv.com

The dongfeng chassis use classic new model ,duolika type ,double cabin

7 sets fire pumper

front right side look at them , dongfeng fire pumper has three doors, right side has 2 doors, back has one

front left side look at the fire engine, water tank fire truck has two doors also

fire fighting truck testing

each dongfeng fire engine before leaving my factory must do insepct first , here is testing pictures .

dongfeng water fire fighter Contact sales manager

Ms xi chen