ISUZU road wrecker exported to south US

ISUZU road wrecker,towing truck , rescue recovery vehicle shows on
ISUZ road wrecker

The full name of the ISUZU wrecker is the road recovery, also known as the towing truck, rescue truck, towing vehicle, with lifting, pulling and lifting traction and other functions, the ISUZU street rescue truck recovery is mainly used for street fault vehicles, urban illegal vehicles and rescue and so on.

10sets ISUZU road towing truck had been finished

The ISUZU road rescue vehicle painted yellow color and installed the warning lights

the ISUZU ROAD recovery truck is 4×2 600P classic cabin with 120Hp engine ,5.6meters length flatbed

4tons winch

under towing equipment,

warning light

air condition

left hand drive

Main useful of the vehicle

Wrecker refers to a special vehicle equipped with road rescue operation equipment. Since failures and accidents are inevitable when cars are on the road, especially on high-grade roads, this phenomenon often occurs. The task of the wrecker is to drag the faulty car or accident car away from the scene in time to ensure the smooth flow of the road. Therefore, road wreckers are also known as road rescue vehicles. With the increase of high-grade roads and cars in use, wreckers have also been developed.
Wrecker use: mainly used for road fault vehicles, urban illegal vehicles and rescue and rescue.
The support arm and boom of the wrecker are all made of high-strength steel plates and formed by bending. Carbon dioxide automatic protection welding, only two welds are allowed, less welds, less deformation, high precision, high strength, and ultrasonic weld inspection. The wrecker welding adopts carbon dioxide protection welding and argon arc welding, the length of the weld is greater than 300mm, and the automatic seam is adopted, which makes the weld surface smooth and beautiful.

Where your factory ?

In the suizhou city ,hubei province,china,welcome you come to china and visit our factory,we will pick up you from the Wuhan tianhe internation air port .

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